Non-denominational, non-sectarian, and sensitive to special needs, Homewood has proven experience in respectfully accommodating a wide variety of individual wishes, personal preferences, and financial means.

Here, every form of legal burial is accommodated including: traditional burial in a single in-ground lot or a double depth lawn crypt. Inurnment, with placement of cremated remains in an urn garden or family lot is also accommodated.

Within its 204 acres, Homewood also offers a variety of dedicated burial areas - special sections created for those who wish to connect with their heritage, religion, or life experience.

Homewood's historic Chinese section, for instance, dates back to 1901, and is located on a hillside, in accord with traditional Chinese burial requirements. Today, burials still occur here.

There also are long-established dedicated areas that meet the needs of those who are Quaker, Greek Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish, and Indian. And military veterans and members to law enforcement, fire protection, and emergency rescue are recognized for their contribution to society in a special dedicated section called the "Garden of Honor."

Homewood also continues to accommodate families who wish to create their own personal legacy estate where present and future generations of their loved ones can be buried, as well as to offer single grave sites.