Homewood is uniquely sensitive to the needs of those who choose this option, including the need for a lasting place of tribute and remembrance. That is why we offer one of the greatest varieties of cremation memorials available anywhere. Choose an indoor or outdoor mausoleum niche or a traditional burial plot.

Select from a number of different locations within the cemetery that also include traditional burials, or choose the classically beautiful lawn garden that has been designed for cremated remains only. There also are special, dedicated sections for those whose preference is to remain with others who shared their heritage, religion, or life experience.

At Homewood, your loved one's memorial also can take many forms. Outdoor options including granite, bronze, or a combination of the two. In our new state-of-the-art indoor mausoleum, Quiet Reflections, the urn itself can be memorialized because it will be secured in a glass-front, lighted niche.

For those who prefer no individual memorializaiton, we offer in-ground burial in our Garden of Rest, an open hillside slope distinguished only be nature's varying patters of shade and sunlight.

All choices include essential maintenance of the property in perpetuity. Arrangements also can be made for expanded care services, such as periodic cleaning and repair, and placement of floral tributes on holidays or special occasions.

Cremation Garden

This very special section of Homewood Cemetery - a manicured, formal-garden-like expanse of green - has been dedicated exlusively for the in-ground burial and memorialization of cremated remains.

Classic garden ornaments, including a lushly planted Grecian urn, adorn this special section and create an atmosphere of respectful tribute for those remembered here.

Inurnment in the Cremation Garden begins with special protection of the urn in a bronze cremation vault. This vault is further encased inside a granite base and then secured in the in-ground plot.

The face of the granite base remains flush with the surface of the lawn so that a bronze plaque, engraved with your loved one's name, dates, and any other message desired, can be added.

Quiet Reflections Mausoleum

This option, will offer the most dignified and everlasting method of memorialization-an above ground, indoor niche in our breathtakingly beautiful chapel mausoleum, Quiet Reflections.

Clean, dry, and climate-controlled, Quiet Reflections is a premier choice that will provide a lasting memorial to your loved one through the ages.

It also will provide family and friends with one of the most intimate visiting experiences possible - a glass-front, lighted niche through which you can directly view the urn.

Memorialization can take may forms, including direct engraving on the urn itself. The niche also has enough space to display a small photograph or other especially meaningful artifact of your loved one.

Quiet Reflections also offers an integral chapel for those who wish to spend time in contemplation.

Garden Mausoleums

This option - a garden mausoleum - is for those who wish to combine the advantage of above-ground burial with the beauty of the outdoors.

Homewood offers three different garden mausoleum choices.

The Garden of Prayer Mausoleum is open to all. The Garden of Honor Mausoleum and the Star of David Garden Mausoleum are special, dedicated areas for those who shared a particular life experience, heritage of religion.

The Garden of Honor Mausoleum is designed for veterans of both war and peace-time service; and members of state, county and city law enforcement, fire protection, and emergency rescue organizations. Family members of these individuals also may choose the Garden of Honor as their resting place, whether also in a niche or in a more traditional form of burial.

Inurnment in any of the outdoor garden mausoleums includes the placement of the urn and remains in a specially sealed granite memorial. Your loved one's name, dates, and any other message desired can be engraved directly on the granite memorial.